A Korean Food Network Encompassing All of Canada

Who we are
"A Korean Food Network
Encompassing All of Canada"
Built upon Three Decades of Expertise, Know-how, Networks, and Trust.
T-Brothers stands as another gateway to Korea.
Since starting our own production of Hankook Kimchi in 1994 and up to the present year of 2023, T-Brothers has grown to become Canada's foremost Korean food supplier, importing and distributing over 10,000 Korean major brands and agricultural products. Over the past 29 years, our specialization in Korean food, combined with partnerships with local businesses across Canada, has laid the foundation for Korean food to permeate every corner of Canada, fostering mutual growth and cooperation.
Core Values Ethos Together
Your life and mine shall be
valued not by what we take...
but by what we give.
We are intertwined in such a way that our destinies are bound together.
We are each other's harvest; we are each other's business; we are each other's magnitude and bond.
Hellen Keller
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Professional Values
Food Safety is our
No.1 priority
On March 21, 2023, HANKOOK KIMCHI achieved SQF certification, becoming the first and only Kimchi production facility in Western Canada.
Operation of Quality Control Specialists
Established and Verified Preventive Control Plan
Implementation of CFIA
Verified Processes
Achieved Compliance with COSTCO Audits for 18 Years
Consistent Facility Investments in Food Safety
Professional Values

Embrace the challenge,
Ignite the change!
Diligence / High Ethical Standards / Truth, Honesty, Trust
Responsibility / Self-initiated / Taking Responsibility for Actions or Decisions
Intercommunication / Mutual Understanding / Trust / Successful Collaboration
Specialization / Improvement in Duties and Responsibilities
Collaboration / Mutual Understanding / Achieving Better Results through Respect
Attentive / Understanding and Responsive
CEO Message

“ We will do our best to supply high-quality Korean food and agricultural products to Canada ahead of others”

The beginning of T-Brothers dates back to 1994, when Korean-style kimchi was first made and supplied directly in the western region of Canada, before proper Korean food was available on Canadian soil.

Since our company's inception, we have been driven by a sense of mission to "supply authentic Korean food," and for nearly 30 years, we have tirelessly pursued this goal. Today, we have grown to become a leading Canadian company specializing in the importation of a wide variety of Korean brands and top-quality agricultural products from all over Korea.

We also acknowledge that the remarkable growth we have achieved was made possible with the help of various partner companies across Canada. In the fiercely competitive business environment, trust and mutual reliance among partners played a crucial role in overcoming obstacles. We applaud our partner companies for their efforts in enabling Korean food to penetrate the Canadian market as it does today.

As we stand at a turning point for the next 30 years and look toward a new future, T-Brothers believes in the enduring value of mutual prosperity that we have upheld for the past three decades. Today, just like any other day, T-Brothers will continue to strive to be the top company that preserves the value of mutual prosperity alongside Korea's leading brands, excellent agricultural products, and Canadian local partners.

Jeff Mo CEO, T-Brothers



Awarded the Prime Minister's Prize in the Overseas Outstanding Business Category


Commendation from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of South Korea - Outstanding Export Company in Overseas Trade


Received the BC New-Canadian Entrepreneur Award


Awarded the Prime Minister's Prize, Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Republic of Korea


Commendation from the Mayor of Gochang County, Jeollabuk-do - Outstanding Export of Local Specialty Products


[49th Commerce Day] Commendation from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Republic of Korea


Appreciation Plaque - Contribution to the Export of Korean Agricultural Products, aT center

Our History
Authentic Korean food throughout Canada Starting with Korean kimchi as the first product, expanding sales to cover the entire Canada, including the Metro Vancouver area: Costco, London Drugs, T&T, SYSCO, and more.
Establishment of T-BROTHERS FOOD & TRADING Ltd.
Introduction of 'Kimchi' on VTV (Vancouver Television) 5 PM News
Awarded the BC New-Canadian Entrepreneur Award.
Awarded the Prime Minister's Prize, hosted by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, Republic of Korea.
First-ever "Taste of Our Hometown" special event held in western Canada.
Introduction of "Korean Kimchi" at COSTCO.
Expansion into the home appliance, agricultural product field, and the pursuit of the value of 'together’ Expanding business into the appliance sector, including refrigerators and rice cookers, and importing Korean agricultural products directly, with various initiatives targeting all of Canada: Canadian Superstore, Cactus Club, Price Smart, and more. Gaining a reputation for food safety and initiating corporate social responsibility.
Entry into London Drugs, a major Canadian retailer.
Exclusive sales rights for Winia Mando's "Dimchae" throughout Canada. Entry into Save on Food, a large Canadian market (total of 8 locations).
Entry into SUPERSTORE, a major Canadian market. Initiation of Korean community charity activities. Exclusive import and sales of "Daenggimeori" in western Canada.
Passing of Food Safety Audit. Special promotion event for Korean agricultural products at Hannam Supermarket.
Kimchi placement at CACTUS CLUB
Commendation from the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy of South Korea - Outstanding Export Company. Commendation from Gochang County, Jeollabuk-do - Export of Outstanding Local Specialty Products. Charity event to support Price Smart and Vancouver Children's Hospital.
Korea Food Festival held at Collingwood Safeway, Burnaby, BC. Sponsored by AT, Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation, jointly hosted with SAFEWAY
Offering 10,000+ Korean Products Nationwide with a Focus on Agricultural Goods – Continuous Challenges Becoming a Leading Player in Canada, offering a Wide Range of Korean Brands Nationwide, Including Groceries, Appliances, and Agricultural Goods We're a specialized Korean food distributor with a nationwide network, committed to corporate social responsibility through employee welfare and local community support. Special promotion events and festivals : Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (AT), Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NH), Gyeongsangbuk-do, National Federation of Fisheries Cooperatives (Suhyup), Gyeonggi-do, Gangwon-do, Ulleung County, Gochang County, and more
Signing of a business agreement with the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (Suhyup) and export of outstanding seafood products nationwide. Expansion into Western large retail channels.
Gangwon-do agricultural event Fresh Korea (Korean New Year Event) at Fairway Market in Victoria.
Korean Food Festival at Safeway. Promotion event for Gochang County agricultural and specialty products in Canada.
Promotion of Gyeonggi-do agricultural and specialty products. Safeway Food Fair at Safeway in Calgary. Taste of Korea at Safeway in Vancouver.
K-Seafood Festival at China World Supermarket in Vancouver (supported by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries). Taekwondo Festival (Consul General's Taekwondo Championship) at Langley Event Centre. Introduction and giveaway event for Lotte, Chung Jung Won, and Paldo products. Antenna shop for Gyeongsangnam-do seafood products Special Promotion for Gyeongsangbuk-do.
Event for Ulleung County, Gyeongbuk. Fresh strawberry, mushroom, and pear event at Safeway in Vancouver. Promotion event for Gyeongsangbuk-do. Korean seafood promotion (National Agricultural Cooperative Federation) - hairtail, fish and meat sausages, processed seafood products, etc.
Harim Samgyetang Overseas Promotion Event (Taste of Korea) at Fairway Market in Victoria. Fresh Korea! at Safeway in Vancouver. Operation of the Anchorage Shop for Seafood Products (Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation).
T-Brothers, [49th Commerce Day] Commendation from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. Harim Chicken Breast Samgyetang Promotion Event at Costco in BC & AB. NH Trading (Nonghyup) Korean Rice Promotion Event.
Korean Pear Festival at PriceSmart Foods in Vancouver. Korean Strawberry Promotion Appreciation Plaque from AT - Contribution to the Export of Korean Agricultural Products. T-Brothers, HANKOOK KIMCHI – SQF Certified. the first and only kimchi production facility in western Canada.
Appointed as Global Kimchi Ambassador by Korea Agro-Fisheires & Food Trade Corp.
BC has actively provided financial support for the automation facilities at T-Brothers Kimchi Factory to further enhance the productivity and competitiveness of food manufacturing businesses. As a result, the introduction of automation has led to an increase in production and an effective response to the rapidly growing demand for kimchi.