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    Looking for Asian foods and houseware in Canada?
We’ve got you handled.
    At T-Brothers, client satisfaction is our top priority. We have the experience and know-how to handle your needs as a growing Canadian business. Our experienced customer representative team wants to know who you are and provide the best service possible.

We strive to be great – through a high quality range of products, exceptional customer services, and competitive prices. As a result, you get the best prices and freshest import foods on market.
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    Your dependable partners since 1994.
    We’ve been serving Canadian businesses since 1994. From small growing retailers to major national brands, we’ve been helping our customers get the Asian foods they want.

Since starting, we’ve become one of the largest Asian food wholesalers in Canada, providing our clients with thousands of unique products and a high level of wholesale know-how.

As leaders in Asian-Canadian business, we strive to be an inspiration and role model for our local growing communities.
    History   Who We Are   Partners  
We first opened our doors in 1994 in BC. What started as just a handful of staple imports and local production food ...
We know food is a much more than just what we eat and drink - it is a fundamental part of our identity...
Since 1994, we’ve had the opportunity to form several long-term partnerships to import and distribute high quality Asian products ...
In addition to our catalogue of imported products,
we have developed several in-house brands including:
Hankook Kimchi, Fisherman Brothers, and many more.
  New Arrivals          
    Honey Red Grapefruit   Pan-Broiled Small Octopus   Baked Snack  
Enjoy warm in winter with honey red grapefruit tea that maximizes its unique freshness and bitterness.
Meet the stir-fried octopus made with a special sauce that contains the secret of Mugyo-dong on fresh octopus.
Meet the mini baguette that is crispy and not greasy.
    Hankook Kimchi   Fisherman Brothers   Home Appliances  
For most Koreans, Kimchi is a staple food. It’s no different for us. T-Brothers was founded on making quality Kimchi by hand...
Fisherman Brothers Fisherman Brothers represents our seafood line of products. Their most popular item is ...
T-Brothers also imports and distributes specialty Korean home appliances. We carry full lineups of premium rice cookers ...
With a catalogue of over 10,000 items,
we’re proud to serve you with a great variety
of staple and trending products.

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