Hankook Kimchi

For most Koreans, Kimchi is a staple food. It’s no different for us. T-Brothers was founded on making quality Kimchi by hand. Today, we’ve expanded our line up of offerings and recently launched our new state of the art 5,000 sqft Kimchi production facility. We now offer both regular and vegan options and are always looking for new ways to innovate.

Kimchi is one of the most widely known Korean foods – and for good reason. It’s known for being a healthy spicy pickled vegetable option with loads of pro-biotic benefits. Hankook Kimchi makes it a mission to use only the best quality cabbages and spices. We use no strange chemical ingredients and have kept true to an almost three-decade old recipe. Made by hand, pre-cut, and fermented to taste, there is no reason not to give it a try.

Hankook Kimchi can be found either through us directly or one of our many clients (Costco, Save on Foods, T&T, Safeway, Walmart, etc).

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Fisherman Brothers

Fisherman Brothers Fisherman Brothers represents our seafood line of products. Their most popular item is Korean dried laver (‘kim’). Kim finds its place among one of Korea’s most famous foods. Kim is well known and enjoyed by people of all cultures either eaten alone or with rice and other foods. We make our kim with high quality Korean laver, vegetable, and salt.

Kim was a very popular food item for Korean and Japanese societies and has been around since at least the 17th century. Most famously from the Gyeongsangnam and Jeollanam Counties in South Korean, you’ll now find kim being used all over Asian cuisine – most notably as the wrap for kimbap (a roll similar to Japanese sushi).

Fisherman Brothers now hosts a line of Asian seafood items that you can find in local stores.

Roasted seaweed Frozen fish cake stick
Frozen fish cake assortment
Salted Mackerel  
Salted Mackerel Frozen red shrimp Frozen red shrimp meat Frozen seafood mix  
Octopus & squid mix Frozen whole octopus      


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Bonga Red pepper powder 1kg
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